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Good or bad. Fast or slow. Fulfilling or otherwise.   

There is something in it for everyone.   

Yet, today, there is so much happening, with insane amounts of information and very busy schedules; that ‘moments’ can at times get blurred in this haze and chaos of the ‘connected’ life!   

At élan, we go through the clutter, and pick these special experiences out for you.    

Tried, tested, tasted, and then curated, we punctuate life with special moments, indulgences, 
and even hedonistic excursions.   

We script memories that stay etched in the soul.   

Memories that stay alive through generations and become intangible heirlooms of sorts.  

This comes from our love of telling stories; and hearing them.   

After all, unforgettable experiences become unforgettable stories.   

 At élan, we curate the Good Life.

Necker Island with
Sir Richard Branson

Spend a whole week on an exotic, semi deserted
island with entrepreneurial gurus, Sir Richard
Branson and Joe Polish. An all inclusive
investment in your entrepreneurial future, includes:

• Brainstorm Sessions with Joe Polish and Sir Richard Branson

• Deluxe Accommodations

• All meals and drinks (including alcohol)

• Return launch transfer from Virgin Gorda or Beef Island Airports

• A team of approximately 60 fabulous sta

• Two freshwater pools and jacuzzi's

• Beach Pool • Two floodlit tennis courts

• Windsurfing and Kite Surfing Equipment

• Kayaks, Water skiing and snorkelling equipment.

• Fishing supplies (not deep sea)

• Extensive video, book and music libraries.

• Board games

• Full sized snooker table

• Laundry facilities (dry cleaning not available)

• Business facilities

Getting there
The closest international airport is on Tortola/Beef Island which is
accessed from San Juan, Barbados or Antigua. From Tortola/Beef
Island, a private motor launch will make the 30-minute transfer to the Island. Alternatively, a helicopter transfer can also be arranged ar per your preference.

Every imaginable water sports, tennis, sailing, fishing, beach olympics, snooker, swimming, dozing in a hammock by the water's edge, to name a few. Just let us know your favourite activities and we'll organize it for you.

F&B arrangements

Each evening is an adventure as guests dine by some of the most
stunning locations around the Island - Beach BBQ's on Turtle beach, Sushi in the pool or Gala evenings at Sunset Point.

Suggested attire
Anything you'd like! Weather will be absolutely beautiful. Lounge around in your bikini or swimwear all day, every day! By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only

The Oscars The Oscars "The Oscars are one of the most glamorous and awe-inspiring events" This February, we have access to some of the hottest after-show parties hosted by A-List Celebrities in town. Dive in and explore the ultimate Oscar timeline and mingle with award winners. Gather some juicy titbits and also see what the Hollywood stars are getting up to at the VIP dos after the main event at the Oscars parties.

The Disneyland
Princess Experience Princess Experience
kids experience

By Invitation Only
Our Disney Escort greets your little princess at your
door in a private vehicle and whisks her away to the
Magic Kingdom. A flexible start time of your choosing VIP seating for parades, select stage shows and night-time

A Perfect Princess
This experience includes hairstyling, shimmering make-up, face gem, princess sash and tote, nail polish, a costume of her choice plus accessories, one 6"x 8" and four 4" x 6" photos in a princess themed holder.

Highlights of the Experience
Private Tea Party

A tea party where your princess will cherish the company of our
wonderful Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Snowhite, Princess Jasmine and many more!

Swimming with the Dolphins
Make a friend that will live in your daughter’s heart forever when she experiences a one-on-one dolphin encounter! She will also learn about dolphin behaviour and communication. Wade her into the dolphin lagoon. Come nose to nose with one of these
fascinating and intelligent animals, let her hold on to its fin and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!

The Grand Reef Experience

The Grand Reef experience is an underwater walking tour. Easily climb down a ladder and set foot on the reef floor. You will be in eye-to-eye contact with sharks through full, 8 foot tall, 21 foot long panoramic windows. SeaVenture is a once-in-a-lifetime, undersea experience. During this journey, you will experience one-on-one touches with unique marine life, school of fish and velvet rays.

First 100 to cross 00 to cross 100
A very unique opportunity to have an audience with
astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Opportunity to be the first
of the future 100 astronauts to explore space.
If we can get four people to book flights for ‘Lynx’,
we can go a step further. These four ‘future
astronauts’ would become ‘Founder Members’ of
an elite astronaut club of which there will only be
100 participants. This entitles them to exclusive
access to all the major astronaut events we
organize worldwide, as well as other benefits.
We will also bring the pilot who will fly ‘Lynx’, Rick
Searfoss, who has already commanded three space
shuttle flights to the space station.
We can also organize a major press event to
announce the first Founder Members.

First 100 to cross 00 to cross 100
In addition, we will present the COO of XCOR Aerospace to explain
how the development of ‘Lynx’ is progressing and we should be flying
our astronauts to space some time in 2014.
This is indeed a very unique opportunity to be able to have the
representative from a ground breaking company developing a space
craft, an astronaut who has commanded the space shuttle and above
all, one of the most famous astronauts in the world, who has walked on
the moon.

Iceland Driving

Iceland Driving adrenalin series An island country in a remote corner of Europe with 100% green energy and 0% crime. Sounds like a fairytale? Well, it is, and even more than that. Iceland o!ers travelers everything beyond imagination, starting from spectacular landscapes and incredible adventures up to utmost luxury. “This country is surely addictive, and if God has a residence, it certainly must be in Iceland”.

Your Wimbledon experience includes:
• Ofcial Debenture centre court, Ofcial Debenture No.1 court,
Ofcial No. 1 court ticket.
• Champagne reception served to your table.
• Complimentary bar, including champagne.
• A 3-course à la carte menu designed by Albert Roux,
with a choice of specially selected wines.
• Traditional Wimbledon afternoon tea with strawberries and cream,
designed by Albert Roux.
• Plasma television screens to keep guests informed of play,
Garden area to relax and unwind.
• Air-conditioning valet car parking (one per four guests).
• Ofcial Wimbledon programme.
• Newspapers available upon request.
• Commemorative VIP pass and documentation.
• Shuttle bus to and from Southfields tube station (from 9am to 7pm).
The Gatsby Club has private tables for 2-12 guests. Private areas are
available for 40 guests or more.

Play on Augusta The chance of a lifetime

We are delighted to be able to bring to you, the golfers dream! “The Masters” has long been heralded as the most exclusive tournament in the golfing calendar and having just played host to the 76th Masters, Augusta National is arguably the greatest golf course on the planet. Its exclusivity and extremely limited membership means to almost all of us, playing it is just a pipe dream. However, through our extensive contact base experience, we are now in a position to make this dream a reality. In just a few months time you could be flying over to Augusta, driving down Magnolia Lane and tackling Amen Corner.

Overview Overview

Your day at Augusta will be spent in the company of one of their
members and his guest. Their knowledge and standing within the club will enable you to get the very best out of the experience.

Introductory Dinner

On the evening before you play at Augusta, you will meet the
member’s guest and be taken for dinner. You will be collected from
your chosen hotel by the member’s guest and dine at one of Augusta’s best-known restaurants. The dinner will enable you to get to know each other and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions. The member’s guest will go through the itinerary for the next day before taking you back to your hotel.

The day itself

You will be collected from your hotel by the member’s guest to make the short drive to Augusta National Golf Club. On arrival, you will be met by the member and enjoy co!ee and refreshments in the famous Clubhouse. Feel free to visit the Pro-shop, buy a shirt or any memento of the day.

At your leisure, you will warm up on the tournament practice facilities, quite possibly the best in the world. March over to the putting green to try and get to grips with the pace and roll of Augusta’s infamous greens. Then the dream! Make your way to the first tee to start the round of your life. You’ve watched many a Masters tournament over the years and wondered what it’s like to stand on that first tee thinking of all the challenges that lay ahead, well here’s your chance to tackle

God's Secret Residence
Next day, full of thrilling expectations, we keep in mind the local saying that there’s nothing like good or bad weather, it’s all about clothing and state of mind. To explore the spectacular scenery of lava fields, mountains and glaciers, we board a super jeep for some o!-road adventure flavoured by supreme natural phenomena. We are heading towards inland to see Europe’s most powerful waterfall, Gullfoss. A glacier shaped waterfall, formed in five days by an iceberg that travelled trapped under a glacier for many years.

It majestically thunders tons of icy water down into a deep gorge. The misty clouds surrounding this natural wonder are filled with dozens of rainbows and the brownish glacial water truly looks golden, leaving us stunned by the monumental beauty of nature. Quite soon, the infamous joke about the Icelandic forests makes total sense: the little clusters of undersized trees on the
way confirm why the locals laugh that in case you ever get lost all you need to do is stand up. Further a mountain road takes us to the second biggest glacier in Europe. After ice climbing, a real outdoor ice bu!et with Icelandic delicates and hot drinks is waiting for us, and now it is not so hard to imagine this 900 year old glacier hosting fully serviced private parties!

Our tour continues to the Geyser area where we discover the famous Geyser which has given name to hot springs all over the world. The once great Geyser has been somewhat shy for a few decades. Apparently it just got tired and needed a rest. Now the crowds get entertained by Geyser’s neighbour Strokkur, one of the most active geysers in the area.
Every few minutes it spouts steaming hot water up to 30 meters high.

God's Secret Residence

Meandering among steaming vents, colourful mud formations and funny miniature geysers, we find our way out of the Geyser area by twilight. And as every evening, our looks turn skywards with a hope to see these strange faintly coloured beams of northern lights that would create a perfect setting for any fishing and hunting adventure, or even better, a game of cricket or football.

A tête-à-tête with an active volcano is a must in Iceland, though it is a bizarre feeling when the chopper approaches this fire spouting power play of nature. We feel slightly relieved when the distance between us increases. The contrast of fire and ice, earth’s constant rumbling, barren lava fields and ash covered hills may have become an integral part of life for the locals, but we are rather as perplexed as the Vikings and other early settlers, who believed that only those who died of old age, sickness, or as a coward were sent to the underworld of “Heljar”, a place covered in snow and ice.

By now the entire world is acquainted with Icelandic ash. The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010 brought the air tra!c in Europe to complete standstill by discharging incredible amounts of ash into the sky. To immortalize the fact of an Icelandic volcano, JS Watch Co, the first and only watch manufacturer in Iceland, integrated the miniscule, light volcanic ash into their newest model. So, if it is not enough for you to have the same watch as Quentin Tarantino, King of Greece or His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, you can try this one. Made with genuine ash from the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Maybe it really brings the energy and power of the innermost workings of our Earth, as promised by the manufacturers.

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