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The AINA Group operates in several business sectors:

Mining, Trading & Logistics

It has been taking the treasure of Karnataka to the world apparatus through the conduct of consultations for global importers and exporters. We bridge the mine holders and their products with the purchasers from around the world. We provide consultation to both importers and exporters. We maintain a congenial rapport with both the providers and the purchasers of the mined ore , through the deployment of 10 active representatives. Our official laboratory has always ensured that no compromise is done on either the quantity or the quality of the product we transport. Besides this, AINA Group deals in earth moving and other heavy machinery as well.

If AINA Group has grown into a stunning global force, it is because of its illustrious service over many years. During all these years we have never given an opportunity for a customer to feel disillusioned with our work. On the contrary, we have always striven hard to render a greater service than expected. We have been providing near-perfect solutions to our customers since we are better placed to do so.

  • Nature of Work:
  • Excavation
  • Drilling
  • Blasting
  • Segregation
  • Transportion (by road & rake)

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